Broken & Lo-Fi Helix Preset Pack



8 Snapshots


Now includes Snapshots!!! An awesome collection of five broken and lo-fi sounding amps for a wide range of guitar tones. Perfect for song intros, stripped down verses, and breakdowns–just plug and play! Please be sure you’ve updated both your Helix firmware, and HX Edit software to their latest versions before installing. This patch is set up for “Stomp/Stomp” mode.

Amps in this Pack

Gibson® EH-185, Supro® S6616, Fender® Champ®, Trainwreck Circuits® Express, Vox® AC-30 Fawn Nrm

Effects in this Pack

Simple EQ, High and Low Cut
Facial Fuzz, Industrial Fuzz, Arbitrator Fuzz, Bitcrusher, Megaphone, Scream 808, Deez One Vintage, and Teemah!
AM Ring Mod, Script Mod Phase, Ubiquitous Vibe, Panner, Pitch Ring Mod, Courtesan Flange, Frequency Shift, and Deluxe Phaser
Room, Particle Verb, ‘63 Spring, Glitz, Octo, Plateaux, and Ganymede
Cosmos Echo, Elephant Man, Vintage Digital, Bucket Brigade, Lo Res, and Transistor Tape