How to Create a Lo-Fi Guitar Tone with the Line 6 Helix


The Line 6 Helix family is known for having the ability to create some truly amazing guitar tones. But sometimes you might be writing or recording a song and it calls for more of a lo-fi guitar tone. If you haven’t built a lo-fi patch yet, you may not realize how simple it can be. In this post you’ll get … Read More

How to Update Your Line 6 Helix

In todays Quick Tip post, you’ll learn how to (quickly and easily) update your Line 6 Helix – you’ll be up and running with the latest sounds in no time! I know that you’ve been waiting a long time for this update but you must resist the urge to just update without backing up everything first. You don’t want to … Read More

Cleaning Up Your Amps Using the Bias Parameter

Have you ever wanted to create a sparkling clean amp tone with your Helix but didn’t want to resort to using the JC 120 amp model? It seems like on most Helix amp models, no matter how low the gain is set, there’s still a trace amount of distortion coming through your signal (especially if you have the master volume … Read More

Don’t Sleep on These Legacy Drives

If you’re like me, the Legacy folder on your Helix is one of the most overlooked options when it comes to building your patches – except maybe when it comes to reverbs. Outside of Particle Verb or Octoverb, my Legacy effects sit dusty and unused like an old toy at the bottom of a kids toy chest. That is until this past week!… Read More

Start Using the Clawthorn Drive

Back when I used to buy individual effects pedals, I always wanted to find a high-quality distortion + fuzz pedal. Oh the fun I would have had with Wounded Paw’s Battering Ram back then. Seriously, we’re talking overdrive, distortion, fuzz, and octafuzz all in one unit!… Read More

Line 6 Helix LT Review

As a guitarist, you put a lot of research into choosing your new gear – and you should. In the age of boutique pedals, amps, and guitars, accumulating new gear can be extremely costly. Hopefully this review will help you decide if the Line 6 Helix LT deserves your hard-earned money.… Read More

Just Getting Started

Hey, thanks for stopping by! My name is Jeremiah and I’m launching a new blog where I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Line 6 Helix (specifically, the Helix LT as that is currently the only Helix product I own).  I’m just getting started but my goal will be to publish a new blog post every week, eventually incorporating videos of various tips and tricks for Helix users.… Read More