Cinematic Textures Preset Pack



Create a massive wall of sound with the Cinematic Textures Preset Pack. Whether you're putting music to film or just jamming for fun, the huge sonic landscapes in these five presets are the perfect spark for your creativity.

Effects in this Pack

Vetta Comp, Deluxe Comp, Kinky Comp, 3-Band Comp, Autoswell
Alpaca Rouge, Triangle Fuzz, Bit Crusher, Tone Sovereign
Harmonic Tremolo, Retro Reel, Ubiquitous Vibe, Analog Flanger
Particle Verb, Dynamic Hall, Dynamic Plate, Plateaux, Shimmer, Octo, ‘63 Spring, Hot Springs
Pitch Echo, Reverse Delay, Sweep Echo, Phaze Echo, Mod/Chorus Echo, Elephant Man, Simple Delay, Vintage Digital, Cosmos Echo, Glitch Delay, Lo Res, Multitap 6, Ping Pong, Bucket Brigade, Euclidean Delay
Dual Pitch, Attack Synth, Tron Down