Country Outlaw



8 Snapshots

2 Custom IRs


Fresh from the dark stage of a Tennessee dive-bar, the Country Outlaw is an extremely versatile Helix patch perfect for country, rock, and modern worship music. We’ve paired a Marshall Super Lead with a Fender Princeton for a gritty tone with plenty of bite. This Tone Architects original includes two presets (one with stock cabs and the other with two custom IRs) and eight unique snapshots. Whether you’re cooking up some deep-fried chicken pickin’ or classic rock riffage, the Country Outlaw preset is a great tool to have in your guitar tone arsenal.

Amps in this Preset

US Princess (Left) & Brit Plexi Nrm (Right)

Effects in this Preset

Rochester Comp

Kinky Boost, Alpaca Rouge, Vermin Dist

Tremolo/Autopan, Script Mod Phase

Hot Springs, Dynamic Hall

Simple Delay, Transistor Tape

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