Ethereal Pads Preset Pack



The Ethereal Pads Preset Pack is a unique collection of 10 Helix presets, featuring five great sounding amps, each built on two different pad engines. You'll easily lose track of time jamming over an endless sustain of oscillating pads! Please be sure you’ve updated both, your Helix firmware, and HX Edit software to their latest versions before installing. This preset is set up for “Stomp/Stomp” mode.

Amps in this Pack

Cartographer, Derailed Ingrid, AC30 Fawn, Grammatico, Solo Clean

Effects in this Pack

Dyhna Drive, Minotaur, Scream 808, Teemah!, Compulsive Drive

Transistor Tape, Adriatic, Lo Res, Pitch Echo, Cosmos Echo, Multi Pass, Reverse Delay, Vintage Digital, Bucket Brigade

Grey Flanger, Double Take, AM Ring Mod, Legacy Phaser

Plateaux, Plate, Particle Verb, Searchlights, Ganymede, Glitz

Unique Settings in this Pack

  • Split A/B routing mapped to a momentary footswitch to engage the pad effect
  • “Decay Kill” mapped to a momentary footswitch to fade out the pad
  • “Pad Mods” add more magic to the pad
  • “Dly Noise” brings some analog grit into the mix