Nebula Swells Preset Pack



The Nebula Swells Preset Pack is the perfect addition to any ambient musician's toolkit. This collection of presets is inspired by the ethereal sounds of the cosmos. With these five presets, you can create vast soundscapes and otherworldly textures that will take your music to new heights. Each preset has been crafted with care and precision to ensure that you get the best possible sound. Whether you're looking to create a dreamy atmosphere or an otherworldly soundscape, the Nebula Swells Preset Pack is the perfect choice.

Amps in this Pack

Line 6 Ventoux, Matchstick Ch2, Placater Clean, Line 6 Elmsley, Moo)))n Brt

Effects in this Pack

Ampeg Opto Comp, LA Studio Comp
Alpaca Rouge, Heir Apparent, Dark Dove Fuzz, Scream 808, Minotaur
Pitch Ring Mod, Analog Flanger, FlexoVibe, Tremolo/Autopan, Retro Reel, Tape Eater, Pebble Phaser, Beat Chop Trem
Shimmer, Particle Verb, Dynamic Plate, Double Tank
Euclidian Delay, Glitch Delay, Vintage Digital, Cosmos Echo, Tesselator, Elephant Man, Crisscross
Poly Pitch