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Back when I used to buy individual effects pedals, I always wanted to find a high-quality distortion + fuzz pedal. Oh the fun I would have had with Wounded Paw’s Battering Ram back then. Seriously, we’re talking overdrive, distortion, fuzz, and octafuzz all in one unit!

Well luckily, as a Helix LT owner, I’ve been able to conjure up all sorts of wicked combinations of dirt and fuzz. But one day I had an inspiring discovery: by using the Clawthorn Drive I could clear a few distortion blocks in a patch that was getting a bit too crowded.

Using Snapshots and the Clawthorn Drive has been a game changer. I’ve been able to dial in a great overdrive/distortion sound and a fuzz/octafuzz with just one distortion block. Thus, giving me more DSP headroom for other effects!

Free Helix Patch

Get the FREE Helix patch built around the Clawthorn Drive.

Granted, distortion blocks don’t take up a ton of DSP compared to stereo delays, reverbs, IRs, or amp + cab blocks. But when you’re tricking out a patch to have ALL the bells and whistles, you’ll need every bit of DSP available. I imagine that this would be a big breakthrough for HX Stomp owners as well, seeing as the Stomp has only one DSP chip and only six blocks available per preset.

After this enlightening discovery, I was surprised to find there weren’t many people talking about the awesomeness of the Clawthorn Drive. I think however, this has to do with the way it’s positioned in the Helix distortions list: DEAD LAST! And it’s also described as a bass overdrive/distortion. Maybe that has something to do with it?

If you’re looking for a distortion block that can do it all then the Clawthorn Drive is what you’re after. With so many options you can get a wide range of great tones!

Here are a few other reasons you should check out the Clawthorn Drive:

  • A great overdrive that cleans up nicely on lower settings
  • When you start cranking up the gain you get a heavier Tube Screamer style distortion
  • The low boost adds a percussive bottom end to lower notes, thickens up higher notes (great for single-coil pickups)
  • Typical octafuzz sound though not too aggressive on higher notes (which is nice)
  • Separate levels for fuzz and distortion (great for getting a subtle amount of fuzz or octafuzz)

If you’re still not convinced, I’ve created a free Helix patch built around the Clawthorn Drive for your enjoyment and experimentation. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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